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No. We also move all your appliances such as your TV, Refrigerator, washing machines, etc. We wrap them up in our wrapping material to decrease the chances of damaging them. Unfortunately, we do have kryptonite, it’s called pianos (we’ve had some bad experiences with them due to them being so delicate). So, make sure that you have someone else arranged for your possible piano when working with us.

Some companies immediately start billing you from the second you sign the contracts but we do not work like that! We start billing you from the moment we arrive at the first address (AKA from where you are moving from) and it will end when we move all your stuff to the next destination. We also charge a travel time that begins from when we leave our offices to your first address and then return to our offices after moving all your things to the next destination. Want to know more about how these prices are arranged, contact us!

How many people do we send to help you move & how much capacity does our trucks have?

Honestly, it depends on what kind of apartment/office/home you are moving from. If you own a 1-2 bedroom apartment, we send a team of 2 people. If it is a small house, we can send about 3 people. If your house is quite large, then we send in a team of 4. We usually send in 3-ton trucks. These trucks can easily move a 1-2 bedroom apartment. If you have more stuff than that, then we can either do multiple trips or bring in our second truck if the load is quite a lot.

Your Local Movers LTD. serves Vancouver along with the rest of the lower mainland! This includes Whistler, Sunshine Coast, and very recently, Vancouver Island! Want to know more about these locations, check out our About Us section where we have explained these locations in detail!